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All our Removal Professionals are Licensed and fully Insured with min 5 years of Industry Experience.



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We offer a Fixed Pricing Policy, Budget Friendly rates and Fast 24/7 Email Response.

Rubbish Removal Manchester

If you are search for Rubbish Removal Manchester, you came to the right place, we are a friendly and affordable, trusted and licensed team of rubbish removal experts that can tackle all jobs no matter their size.

Our rubbish removal prices are affordable, and if you need local rubbish removal in Manchester, you can reach us in confidence as we have served tons of local residents within Greater Manchester with top quality rubbish removal services.

We at, Man and Van Manchester Ltd sets high standards as opposed to just meeting them when it comes to rubbish removal services and we offer a wide range of solutions, fit for all needs and job projects. No matter the requirements or demands, and no matter the amount of waste you need gone, we have the expertise and equipment needed to get the task done hassle free.


Rubbish Removal Company

Rubbish Removal Services in Manchester

Manchester’s rubbish removal services is one of our most popular services we offer and our team takes great pride in the work and results we deliver. From sofa and furniture removal to office and house clean up (and much more), we tackle all requests and can swiftly remove your rubbish in no time.

Give us a ring at 0161-696-0877 or fill out our Quote Request form and our team will contact you right away. Your only regret after choosing us as your rubbish removal service, will be wishing you found us sooner. Our team adheres to a very high standards and assures your full and complete satisfaction.


Rubbish Removal Company

How we Work

Rubbish removal in Manchester is easier than ever as all it takes is a phone call or Quote Request form submission to get started. Once you give us a call or submit the form, we review your request, answer any queries you have, and then proceed with a quote that we assure will be the best of any you receive.

Unlike many rubbish removal services with in manchester, we never charge per removed item but rather for the time it takes us to remove them, for this reason, we need a full list of the items you need gone so we can give an accurate price based on the amount of time we expect your request to take us.

To ensure swift service, enough space for parking near your home or property should be available so we can haul and remove your rubbish or furniture with ease. Once you give us a call, we will set a date and time and arrive at the scene with our fully equipped van, needed to ensure a swift and secure loading.
Items are safely loaded and securely transported, and we can wrap items and furniture in blankets upon request to ensure none are damaged upon transport.

Reach us today at 0161-696-0877, we are here to assist any way we can and assure your full satisfaction, we look forward to exceeding your expectations.


Rubbish Removal Company

Why Choose Us

As an insured and accredited team of rubbish removal experts, we adhere to high standards and go to great lengths to ensure you have an experience you will not soon forget. Our team takes no shortcuts, and goes above and beyond to give stellar support and swift rubbish removal solutions, we just may be the best rubbish removal service in Manchester (that is the true goal of our team, brand, and service).

Get started and try our rubbish removal service in Manchester to enjoy swift service and great support, give us a call at 0161-696-0877 or fill out our Quote Request form and our team will soon be in touch.


Is there a cancellation fee?
No fees or costs will be charged, as long as you cancel at least forty-eight hours ahead of the scheduled time.

How many people will arrive?
One person will arrive at your home or property but if the task needs more manpower, we can send out as many as the job requires.

Is same-day service and hauling available?
This is offered when our schedule permits, reach us at 0161-696-0877 for current available slots, if availability is open, we can have a van and man at your home or property on the very same day.

What needs to be done before you arrive?
Ensure enough space for parking is available so no issues or delays take place, so long as there is enough room for our vehicles at the pick-up and drop-off location, we will be able to take care of the rest.

How much does rubbish removal in Manchester cost?
The cost of rubbish removal in Manchester can vary depending on different factors. It’s like a treasure hunt! The amount of rubbish, the type of items, and the rubbish removal company you choose can all affect the cost. The average price per hour for rubbish removal in Manchester is between £35.00 to £95.00.

What items can be removed by rubbish removal services in Manchester?
Rubbish removal services in Manchester can help you bid farewell to a wide range of items. Say goodbye to old furniture, broken toys, garden waste, and even those cluttered piles of paper. Remember to check with the rubbish removal company about any specific restrictions they may have.

How does rubbish removal in Manchester work?
When you hire a rubbish removal service in Manchester, they will come to your doorstep with their magical removal vehicle. They’ll load up all the rubbish with their expert skills, making sure not to leave a trace behind. Then, they’ll whisk it away to the appropriate disposal locations, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space!

Are there any restrictions or regulations for rubbish removal in Manchester?
When it comes to rubbish removal in Manchester, there are some rules to follow. Certain items like hazardous materials or electronics need special care. It’s always best to check with the rubbish removal service about any restrictions or regulations they have in place. Let’s keep our environment safe and sound!

Is recycling included in rubbish removal services in Manchester?
Absolutely! Recycling is like giving things a new life. Many rubbish removal services in Manchester care about the environment and recycle as much as they can.

They separate things that can be recycled from the rest and send them to special places where they can become new things again. It’s like magic, but for saving the planet!

Rubbish Removal Prices

Our cost for rubbish removal in Manchester is £35- £95 per hour but can rise if you need more men or a total removal and home clearance service. Rates vary based on the time it takes us to clear and distance of transport so it is best to call us at 0161-696-0877 so we can get your details and give an accurate price and quote.

Rubbish Removal Guide

Rubbish removal Manchester is one of our popular services, and a great value, delivery, and client satisfaction comes with all our services we offer.

From residential to commercial removals, our team has the expertise and equipment needed to take on any tasks and requests, and we are here at all steps of the way to ensure your total and complete satisfaction.

Our rubbish removal specialists have a minimum five years of industry experience and are fully licensed and insured, and our 24/7 email service, ensure you get the help and service you need when you need it, making for a service you will be glad to have ordered.

Our rubbish removal service is ideal for those that want to avoid the timely and laborious task of ridding rubbish on their own and for those that need to clear their home or property of unsightly and unwanted debris, rubbish, furniture, or anything else that may need removing or transporting.

Give us a call at 0161-696-0877 to speak to our rubbish remover experts, we are here to help any way we can and assure your total satisfaction with our service, we look forward to exceeding all expectations.


Rubbish Removal Company

Our Services

No matter your goals or needs, contact us today as we offer rubbish removal services that include:

Sofa Disposal
Fridge Disposal
Office Clearance
House Clearance
Mattress Disposal
Furniture Removal
Garden Waste Removal