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All our Removal Professionals are Licensed and fully Insured with min 5 years of Industry Experience.



Our Team of Friendly Experts are committed to providing a Smooth & Secure Removal Process with Outstanding Customer Service.



We offer a Fixed Pricing Policy, Budget Friendly rates and Fast 24/7 Email Response.

Man and Van Services in Manchester

If you have been searching on Google or your preferred search engine for “man and van near me“, you’ve come to the right place, actually the best place 🙂

At Man and Van Manchester, we offer a comprehensive range of man and van hire services, whether you are looking to move or clear away various kinds of rubbish for competitively low prices.


Man and Van Manchester

Man and Van Manchester – How We Work

You first need to contact us over the phone or via email and provide full details about the services you need. We can also discuss any problems or issues you should be aware of and how to avoid them. With your specific needs, we will offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Although we do not charge you per item you need to be removed, cleared or disposed of, we still need a complete list of all the things and possessions you require us to move to calculate the time and quote for the service.

Once you have agreed to our quoted price, you can book an appointment date and time that suits you. You can also fill out our Booking Request quote form here: Request Man and Van Manchester Prices

On the day of your move, removals or clearance, you should ensure an available parking space so the man and van can park as close to your property as possible. This will ensure the removal process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The man and van removals team will arrive at the pre-arranged time and load all the items that need to be removed into the van’s cargo compartment. They will help by adjusting the arrangement of the things to make them safer to transport.

We can help move items from your property into the van if you have requested our removal services.



Any furniture will be wrapped individually in blankets and secured using robust belts to ensure safe transportation. If asked, we can also use covers on soft furnishings and mattresses. However, this is something you need to request separately.

If you have opted for the packing service we offer, your personal belongings and the items you need to have removed or cleared from your property are protected by our insurance. However, we are not responsible for any damage to items packed into boxes by customers. We must ensure that the items have been packed professionally.

The load will be transported safely in an appropriately sized van by one of our highly experienced drivers. They use a reliable and the latest technologically updated GPS system to find the shortest and most direct route to the destination to keep any potential delays to an absolute minimum. This will keep the price down as well, as we charge hourly.
Once the man and van have arrived at the destination you provided for the items being cleared, removed or transported, we would appreciate it if you ensured a suitable parking space close to the property.

That will allow for quicker and more efficient unloading of the van.


Man and Van Manchester

Man and Van Manchester – Why Choose Us

  • Fixed and Competitive Pricing – we know how tight things are financially for everyone espcially with the recent hike in inflation, so we try to keep our prices fixed and competitive.
  • Professional and Friendly Team – as a Manchester-based company run by Manchester residents, we love providing our man and van-for-hire services to our neighbours across the city. All our team will provide our services as professionals with a friendly attitude.
  • Experienced and Fully Equipped – we know it is essential when you are having your belongings moved or cleared from your home. You may want them cared for, especially if they are not heading to the dump. At Man and Van Manchester, we only employ fully trained, experienced and equipped to do the job correctly.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – we put our money where our mouths are regarding our services. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied because if you are not, we have failed. Look at our past customer’s testimonials or google reviews to see how experienced they are.

Man and Van Manchester


How many people will you send?
We will send one man in one van when you book our man and van hire service. If you need more, opt for our removal van and man option.

Will I be charged anything added if I cancel?
You will not be charged anything extra if you give us at least 48 hours’ notice before cancelling your appointment.

Do you offer a same-day man and van hire service?
Yes, we offer you an exact day man and van service, but this is only subject to availability. You need to call us to see if we can make a space for you in our schedule.

What should I do before ordering a man and van service?
Make sure there is a parking space available at the property where the items will be picked up from, and make sure there is a parking space open at the property the items are being taken to.


Man and Van Manchester

Can the cat go in your van if I am only moving a couple of miles?
No, unfortunately, we do not have insurance to cover transporting pets. We cannot take them, even if you have them secured in a particular carrier and only move a short distance.

Here is a legal guide on bring your pet to the UK should you need for info


Man and Van Manchester

What are the best man and van services in Manchester?
Well, one of the top-notch services in town is of course “Man and Van Manchester Ltd”. They’re like the superheroes of moving stuff. They are super reliable, always come on time, and treat your things as carefully as if they were their own. It’s like having a super-strong friend by your side.

How much does a man and van service cost in Manchester?
The average hourly cost for Man and Van service in Manchester is £35.00 to £95.00 per hour. The cost of a ‘man and van’ service can be different based on what you need to move and how far it needs to go.

Are ‘man and van’ services in Manchester insured and licensed?
Yes, they are! Think of it like this: just like how your bike helmet protects you when you’re cycling, insurance protects your stuff when it’s being moved. And being licensed? That’s like passing a big test that says “Man and Van Manchester Ltd” are experts at what they do. So, you can be sure that your things are in good hands.

How to book a ‘man and van’ service in Manchester?
Booking a ‘man and van’ service with “Man and Van Manchester Ltd” is as easy as pie! You just need to give us a call or visit our website.

What items can a ‘man and van’ service transport in Manchester?
“Man and Van Manchester Ltd” can move almost anything you can think of! It’s like they have a magic van that can fit all your stuff, from the smallest items to your biggest valuable furniture, and they handle everything with care. But remember, there are some things they can’t move, like dangerous stuff or live animals. So if you have a pet hamster, they will have to travel with you!

Man and Van Manchester Prices

The starting price for a man and van for hire in Manchester is £35 to £95 per hour. The price will increase depending on how many added men you need along with the van and whether you opt for a complete removal service. Prices also varry depending on volume and distance. If you need a precise price quote, call us on 0161 696 0877 or fill out our booking request price form. When filling out the form, provide us with the photos of the items need moving or removing – this will help us to give you an exact price quote.

And trust us – our prices are very competitive throughout Greater Manchester 🙂

Our Other Services

Along with the standard and straightforward man and van hire service we offer at Man and Van Manchester, we provide various other services across the city.

House Clearance

We can provide you with a full house clearance manchester service if you want to move and need to safely transport your belongings and furniture.


Man and Van Manchester

Rubbish Removal

Do you have a lot of accumulated rubbish, or are you having a clearout? We can provide you with a high-quality rubbish removal manchester service so you don’t have to worry.

Furniture Removal

Are you having furniture removed, whether it is to a different location or because you are getting rid of it? We can help provide you with a high-quality furniture removal manchester service.


Man and Van Manchester